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‘What is that!’ Rorian exclaimed, backing away from the moth-like creature as it reached a hand out and swiped at his earring.

‘She’s a girl,’ Candi replied flatly.

‘No— But what is she?’

‘She’s three!’

‘No! What species is she?’

‘Have you never seen a soft flier before?’ Candi grumbled.

‘No!’ Rorian replied, dodging the soft flier’s hand again. ‘Is she dangerous?’

‘Yeah, she has venom that’ll turn your blood into acid,’ Candi muttered sarcastically and rolled her eyes.

‘No, she’s not dangerous! She’s three!

C. Jade Wyton

Not my usual thing, but I wanted to make something for my wife ❤️ I left off my watermark so y’all welcome to use it as icons/etc. but like, credit me and be sensible lol

Also it is... On redbubble and the earnings will go towards my wife’s HRT/insurance/eventual surgery! 🥰

C. Jade Wyton

The mother of the main character of my wife's book!

C. Jade Wyton || Demrefor

Oof, haven't drawn these two in literally years. They were due for a redesign.

Two of Mingan and Centy's kids :)

Old art:

C. Jade Wyton

a short comic about being creative and disabled, and how friends make it easier

but you're welcome to interpret it however you want

C. Jade Wyton || Demrefor

It's only taken me 4 years to decide what sort of feet to give Elli.

C. Jade Wyton || Request

A request for someone off-site!

C. Jade Wyton || Demrefor

A bad man.

A Real Bad Man.


‘Your mother is a stupid woman,’ Linzor growled.
‘I don’t think so,’ Liamara mumbled.
‘That’s because you’re stupid, too,’ Linzor replied. ‘Though you’re a child; you’re meant to be stupid. Keeyata has no excuse.’

C. Jade Wyton || Demrefor

*rubbing my grubby little hands together*

I’m setting up a RP and now that all the players have officially seen their Captain Kurrosa, I can post her!

She has her pirate flag in place of missing wing membranes, but only certain players know why so shh!

C. Jade Wyton || Pigsnort & Quady

Drew an anwser for a shared art blog my fiance and I own over on tumblr (pigsnort-and-quady)

This is Tawn, Quady’s husband, looking after their adoptive son Dragon, and the (currently unhatched) egg they rescued.

C. Jade Wyton || Ilyris

YOOO my tablet got fixed!!! Finally on this day!!!

So I did some Ilyris art; rough concept headshot for the shapeshifter Bon Bon.

Ilyris is Demrefor’s sister project; it’s owned by @curripuff. I’m the primary artist, though!