Times are UK time.

8:00am - Starting update! Giving it a couple minutes for transactions/uploads to settle down before starting backups.
8:01am - While that runs, we'll start setting up the new server.
9:34am - Hypervisor on the new server has FINALLY finished installing, so now we can prep the main web and API servers.
13:41pm - Having some trouble with internet connectivity on the new server. If by 2:30 we don't have a working connection, we'll put the update live on the old server and figure out a migration strategy from there. Not optimal, but if that's the way we need to play it...
14:44pm - Throwing in the towel, updating old server. Site will be back shortly.
15:16pm - All new code is uploaded and database additions done, now running the code to convert tags to the new format. After that, the code to generate the first batch of featured posts.
16:11pm - 111,000 more posts to convert the tags for. Featured posts appear to have completed successfully.

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