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C. Jade Wyton || Demrefor

Oof, haven't drawn these two in literally years. They were due for a redesign.

Two of Mingan and Centy's kids :)

Old art:

C. Jade Wyton || Demrefor

But no in all seriousness, the term "Mary Sue" isn't a real thing and is actually something made by whiny adults to shame young girls (usually who are neurodivergent or suffering from abuse) who use writing as an outlet, but haven't refined their skills to a professional level, even though they're literal CHILDREN and shouldn't be held to the same standard as someone who's been practising their craft 3 times as long as that child's been alive.

If you disagree you're welcome to block me.

(P.S I'm not up for debate on this 👎 Don't even try lmao)

C. Jade Wyton || Demrefor

It's only taken me 4 years to decide what sort of feet to give Elli.

C. Jade Wyton || Demrefor

A bad man.

A Real Bad Man.


‘Your mother is a stupid woman,’ Linzor growled.
‘I don’t think so,’ Liamara mumbled.
‘That’s because you’re stupid, too,’ Linzor replied. ‘Though you’re a child; you’re meant to be stupid. Keeyata has no excuse.’

C. Jade Wyton || Demrefor

"Ma! Look! It's Goose!"

owo ? Who's this?

C. Jade Wyton // Demrefor

“hey welcome to my channel, today im going to be smashing a vase into the back of mairas’ head. dont forget to like, comment, and subscribe” - Luana, probably.

C. Jade Wyton // Demrefor

Coborn is ... not a good cook.

Made this when I got my new tablets, to test its limits. I think if I did it again I wouldn't have made the shadows //so// dramatic but ... I REALLY do like how dark the picture is, personally, because it fits the setting of "out in the middle of nowhere." I just hope others can see if fine XD

C. Jade Wyton // Demrefor

Juuuust some old art for Demrefor! :D These two are very in love! But they were separated for a few years due to ... unfortunate circumstances.

This was technically done as a redraw to really push myself and see how much I'd improved in 8 years of drawing! Proud of the improvement!

C. Jade Wyton // Demrefor

‘It was a compliment! Stupid girls make much better wives than ones that have their own opinions and argue all the time.’ -Linzor.

Being married to the main antagonist of your own book isn’t much fun...

Jade Wyton // Demrefor

‘Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to scare you,’ Raidus chuckled. ‘I was just talking with your friend over there and couldn’t help noticing such a beautiful girl out here on her own.’
‘He’s my brother. But thank you,’ Stars mumbled, brushing her hair out of her eyes with a hand. ‘You look nice as well.’
‘Thanks, I’m Raidus Yuitami,’ he grinned and held out his hand.
‘Stars Beesa,’ Stars shook it gently, then glanced around. ‘My son is around somewhere. His name is Little Demon.’
‘Little Demon?’ Raidus chuckled. ‘That’s an unusual name.’
‘We’re an unusual family,’ Stars said, blushing.
‘I’ll keep that in mind,’ Raidus replied. ‘Where’s his father?’
‘I’reka,’ said Stars. ‘He’s got another family to live with. And I think even if he didn’t, Ka’harja wouldn’t let him live here.’

Tru'man would be a lot more threatening if he wasn't the Har'py equivalent of a BIG DUMB NERD who sets up fireside dinners for his wife and spends every hour of his life holding at least 1 (one) baby.

We can't have this blog be empty, so here's a picture of two of my characters from my book series! :D