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Sometimes you gotta draw your traumatised goat woman, having a cry because of her terrible self-esteem issues & uncontrollable fainting fits.

[Drawing Process]

I sketched Mingan while I was at the airport, and just threw some colour on her now to pass the time while waiting for an appointment :)

I was ... possessed by the sudden urge to draw a plank of wood, so I did.

"Hi! I’m Abernach, and this is lesbian- I mean, Lauren. And that’s my uncle, Bread. Only his name’s not Bread. And he’s not my uncle.”

Skinesta! She's the younger sister of Liamara and Centela. This drawing specifically is of her as an adult/older teen. Her nickname's "Skinny."

But no in all seriousness, the term "Mary Sue" isn't a real thing and is actually something made by whiny adults to shame young girls (usually who are neurodivergent or suffering from abuse) who use writing as an outlet, but haven't refined their skills to a professional level, even though they're literal CHILDREN and shouldn't be held to the same standard as someone who's been practising their craft 3 times as long as that child's been alive.

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‘Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to scare you,’ Raidus chuckled. ‘I was just talking with your friend over there and couldn’t help noticing such a beautiful girl out here on her own.’ ‘He’s my brother. But thank you,’ Stars mumbled, brushing her hair out of her eyes with a hand. ‘You look nice as well.’ ‘Thanks, I’m Raidus Yuitami,’ he grinned and held out his hand. ‘Stars Beesa,’ Stars shook it gently, then glanced around. ‘My son is around somewhere. His name is Little Demon.’ ‘Little Demon?’ Raidus chuckled. ‘That’s an unusual name.’ ‘We’re an unusual family,’ Stars said, blushing. ‘I’ll keep that in mind,’ Raidus replied. ‘Where’s his father?’ ‘I’reka,’ said Stars. ‘He’s got another family to live with. And I think even if he didn’t, Ka’harja wouldn’t let him live here.’