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Centy and his daughter (who is actually his bio sister, but that's a long story).

Goose is a shapeshifter, though she has barely any control over her abilities during her childhood. It's sort of a chameleon self-defence; when she's nervous she blends in with the people around her and takes on their traits.

This pic is showing how she looks when happy, or her "normal" self! Around when she's just hitting her teens and is getting ready to head out and join a new settlement of kids her own age!

It's!! My friend's birthday and I had to make them something good!

I spent like, a whole month sketching and resketching this because it wasn't good enough, and now it's legit one of the best pictures I've ever drawn?? Which is good because they DESERVE GOOD STUFF!

If you have the time please like, check out their art and world building its all SUPER good!!

‘If she’d killed me with her own hands, I’d have settled,’ Kay’oten growled. ‘But she cheated! Calling Klict— If I didn’t hold back whenever I felt my form changing— I’d have won a lot more fights. But I have my HONOUR. I’ve always played fair! That bitch CHEATED!’

Kay’oten is a dragon-shifter, just like Distro. Here’s her form!

I sketched Mingan while I was at the airport, and just threw some colour on her now to pass the time while waiting for an appointment :)

I was ... possessed by the sudden urge to draw a plank of wood, so I did.

A drawing of @/ misellapuella (on twitter)'s character! Only they're allowed to use/repost this drawing.

I also recorded myself drawing!

When you're staying at your friend's house, and his girlfriend starts screaming at him.

Aaaand I recorded the drawing process, which was a little over an hour!