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Siren-raided boat...

There's one survivor still on board. Poor thing.

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Another drawing done for Ilyris! This one is just a quick doodle of Josef as a child :D

A video of the drawing process will be on my youtube soon (just uploading with the Australia's terrible internet lol)

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Jerban, a surprise character who will help us later!

Sometimes you gotta draw your traumatised goat woman, having a cry because of her terrible self-esteem issues & uncontrollable fainting fits.

[Drawing Process]

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Older Gentle Winds

She misses her children

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Dedamirr and Strong-Kick

Dedamirr and Strong-Kick!

Dedamirr is a bandit.

Strong-Kick is a pirate.

What else is there to say?

I doodled Daydream, because I wanted to colour something and not worry about how good it looked xD Especially with my cold cold hands that don't want to work properly lol

Still getting through the raffle prizes!

Characters I adopted from voeki on deviantart, done coz I’m out and have time to blow while waiting for appointments

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<span data-mce-bogus="1" data-mce-type="format-caret" id="_mce_caret"></span>This is Horace from my novella Crossroads Call

*passes you a cute lesbian*

This is Brandon aka Brandy and she can’t speak very well and prefers to write on a blackboard to communicate— But in an unfortunate stroke of luck, the cutest girl she’s ever met (Luana) is illiterate. That does not stop them from falling in love, though.

Also she can blather literal gibberish and her brother understands her, because he Gets It.

Captain Kurrosa.

Not posting much about her coz she's with a thing for my friends, but she's fun to work with.

Geoff's mother, Eish'lee! She's deaf, and has the "green spot."

A common occurrence in abandoned babies is the ‘green spot’. This has only ever been found in children found in the middle of nowhere after large electrical storms, whose parents cannot be tracked. It is unsure why these particular conditions are consistent, but finding a child with the green spot is said to be a blessing from the gods. Children with the green spot usually have enhanced hearing, sight, and comprehension skills. Some are able to breathe underwater, while others have increased strength. The green spot is the only physical indicator of these skills; it is a solid bone-like lump found on the back of the neck and easily hidden by the person’s hair if they wish it to be kept a secret. Green spot children tend to have at least one obvious disability or deformity; deafness, missing limbs, extra fingers, etc.

Absolute hellspawn of a 14 year old. Joins some pirates because they let her have a cool-looking knife.