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Art Dump [Dungeons and Dragons]

So much has happened in all the campaigns I'm in,,, In my Roll20 one, I almost got one-shotted by a phase spider. It did 16 damage to my measly 17hp pool, and in Roendal my character almost immidietly made the entire party suspicious because he failed a deception check.

Most of these doodles are for my Roendal campaign. My PC is a high elf rogue named Thol Rainborn, and his backstory is uhhh a lil wild. I really can't wait for the big fuckin reveal and the rest of the party will probably immidietly turn on me lmao

[Speed Paint]( "Speed Paint)

[Link Tree]( "Link Tree)

Friendly reminder to not use any of my art without my permission! Ask first please!

Xosa Rising [Sketch Dump]

Some sketches for the Roll20 campaign I'm in, Xosa Rising. My PC's name is Tez (he's the sky blue themed tiefling). I doodled our party and Tez's family. Tez has an older brother named Thelius, an older sister named Cremine, and a twin named Nel. :]

The party consists of:

A triton bard named Ritz

An aasimar fighter named Morrigan

And a wild magic sorcerer named Liss

Gymsona [Pokemon]

There was a cool tag for Gymsonas goin around on twitter and tumblr, so uhhhh I sketched mine out

Made a Sonic self-insert/OC, just for fun!

Macintosh the Deer.

I was reminded that I had attempted to make fursonas in the past(without calling them such) and now I have my 2 mascots, Fergie and Sugar Pop. Funny how I still ended up with a yellow fox in the end.

Crawling to the finished line. It's almost done!

Last armored peep. Now the trio is complete. There's only 4 more days of inktober to go!! I'm so proud of myself for hitting my goal of 27 pages and I had hoped I'd be able to do the last 4 to make it a complete 31 days.

Been awhile since I've drawn one of these original peeps.

Used inktober as an excuse to draw more of my original characters. This one doesn't have a name quiet yet, although she does have a title. Look how happy and innocent she appears!

My character Enrita making an appearance for inktober.

Worked on little bios for my OCs for one of my streams. They will be complied into this little sketchbook. I was able to finish my dragon trio although there is more development needed. Hope to continue to add more characters!!

.:The birth of the Nile:.

I dunno. My OC Nisha as a egyption queen, i was inspired by a protrait that Toxxykiss had done.

Magic circle/ sparkle brushes by

Stream results from September 7. I stream every Saturday, 6pm EST!

More characters from my dreams that I did for a stream.

Characters I doodled that are from various dreams I've had. Second page had been done during a stream.

He Looks Concerned

Here's a very ominous scene from my dungeons and dragons character's backstory, wherin he meets the god of death.

Did a character type spread thing in my sketchbook for a twitch stream. It was inspired by a video on Tiktok by the user phoenixthatch

Bought some acrylic paint markers that were on clearance. I never had paint markers before so it was fun to experiment. And despite these being warm colors, I did get the main 6 colors of the rainbow.