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‘Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to scare you,’ Raidus chuckled. ‘I was just talking with your friend over there and couldn’t help noticing such a beautiful girl out here on her own.’ ‘He’s my brother. But thank you,’ Stars mumbled, brushing her hair out of her eyes with a hand. ‘You look nice as well.’ ‘Thanks, I’m Raidus Yuitami,’ he grinned and held out his hand. ‘Stars Beesa,’ Stars shook it gently, then glanced around. ‘My son is around somewhere. His name is Little Demon.’ ‘Little Demon?’ Raidus chuckled. ‘That’s an unusual name.’ ‘We’re an unusual family,’ Stars said, blushing. ‘I’ll keep that in mind,’ Raidus replied. ‘Where’s his father?’ ‘I’reka,’ said Stars. ‘He’s got another family to live with. And I think even if he didn’t, Ka’harja wouldn’t let him live here.’

We can't have this blog be empty, so here's a picture of two of my characters from my book series! :D