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Some more art for the website! >:3c

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Nurlak face examples for the website! :)

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Alk headshot examples fooooor the website!

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A couple of doodles!

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Spoilers for my script but

Dan's dad shows up and you find out he was ALSO a seagull who was cursed by a (the same) wizard who cursed Sunny.

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"Last time he ruled the kingdom I was protecting his magical weapons and his gold. Now, apparently, this human girl’s happiness is his priority."

Nameless demon king's nameless sister! She's his commander, and the only one he trusts with his stepdaughter.

*passes you a cute lesbian*

This is Brandon aka Brandy and she can’t speak very well and prefers to write on a blackboard to communicate— But in an unfortunate stroke of luck, the cutest girl she’s ever met (Luana) is illiterate. That does not stop them from falling in love, though.

Also she can blather literal gibberish and her brother understands her, because he Gets It.

Tall'Mackerel, Stars' brother-in-law

>‘Oh my god, you’re that Talia?’

>‘OH MY GOD!! YOU’RE THAT TALIA! Trish talks about you all the time!’

>‘You know, this is the Talia that Trish is always talking about.’

>’Oh, that Talia?’

Trish NEVER misses an opportunity to talk about Talia!

Khalida! In her statue bound form :)

“hey welcome to my channel, today im going to be smashing a vase into the back of mairas’ head. dont forget to like, comment, and subscribe” - Luana, probably.


Coborn is ... not a good cook.

Made this when I got my new tablets, to test its limits. I think if I did it again I wouldn't have made the shadows //so// dramatic but ... I REALLY do like how dark the picture is, personally, because it fits the setting of "out in the middle of nowhere." I just hope others can see if fine XD

Juuuust some old art for Demrefor! :D These two are very in love! But they were separated for a few years due to ... unfortunate circumstances.

This was technically done as a redraw to really push myself and see how much I'd improved in 8 years of drawing! Proud of the improvement!