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Plesiosauria, often shortened to plesio, are a family of large marine reptiles found on the borders of the unexplored territories.

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Deer wasps are a giant wasp native to Das. They are a species of emerald cockroach wasp that has adapted to life on the Das islands. They are much, much bigger than their cockroach-hunting cousins and hunt Das’ megafauna— most commonly deer. … And when other animals are unavailable, they have no qualms about using Sentient settlers to lay their eggs.

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These guys are rarely seen; they're a Mystic race native to Bia Boralis and are the reason Sentients don't travel past the edge of that continent. They're not violent; just not social with other races & don't often allow them on their land.

I've actually wanted to put these guys in for a while in the outer territories, but with the map redraw I might as well give them some concept art!

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Finished maps for Demrefor (reuploaded because waterfall... did something weird when I tried to fix an error)

Basic // Land Sentient Territories // Seasons

Maps I still need to do:



International Political Influence

Original Carra'Jor Map by Echo

Incorrectly made Torat Map

Rough Landscapes

Ocean Sentient Territories

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Landscape layouts for the new Demrefor map! :D

This is a free base I made for my original species, the kurloke!

It looks a little odd because I'm trying to keep all the species bases consistent and the others are... very old.